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For developers who need to deeply understand their tools.

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Develop Faster

Develop code faster by checking in more often and with less pain.


Troubleshoot repository problems quickly by knowing the Git basic data structure: HEAD, refs and objects.

Avoid Breakage

Avoid breaking the build and repository by learning good working practices.

Master your tools

Use the power of binary search with Git Bisect and unit tests to find bugs faster than manual debugging.

Master Git and Shape Lives!

These materials will eventually be an online training course with videos and quizzes. However, not all of the material is in video form. The instructor will present the information to you personally and ask you to take quizzes to test how well the course communicated the needed skills. Your feedback will shape the future of this course. One percent of the sales from this course will be donated to The Hidden Genius Project.

What You Will Learn

This cohort for training will be ending on 21-Nov. So, act now before you lose your spot.

  • Core Concepts (Commit, Branch, etc.)
  • Review: Staging files (Optional)
  • Internal Details: Commit Objects
  • Internal Details: Branch Pointer table
  • Internal Details: HEAD
  • Revision Ancestor Notation
  • Collaboration using GitHub
  • Editing history: Amend, cherry-pick
  • Interactive Rebase
  • Advanced Rebasing
  • Deployment

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