Ansible Hands-On

Learn Ansible through Hands-On exercises

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Become a DevOps engineer.

Learn DevOps by learning Ansible.

Infrastructure As Code.

Configure a new server from scratch. Then, check in the code.

Earn Badge and Certificate

Earn a badge and certificate embedded with your personalized proof of completion

Walk Away with Your Own Web Server

Students will walk away with code that they used to build the infrastructure for a fully functioning webserver hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS). This includes load balancers and other AWS infrastructure. If course is fully completed, students earn a badge/certificate embedded with proof of course completion.

The Next Cohort

Students learn the best when they have peers to rely on. If you wish to join a cohort of peers, we will facilitate the introductions and collaboration tools. We are closing the list for the next cohort soon.

What You Will Learn

  • Core Concepts: Creating AWS instances, ssh, etc. (Optional)
  • Ansible Architecture: How does it work?
  • Playbooks: Describing system architecture
  • Dynamic Inventory: Automate finding your machines
  • Roles: Re-use work to build faster
  • Custom Modules: If an Ansible Task doesn't do what you want, we can fix that
  • Debugging: Fix problems when Ansible fails.

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