Free Live Elastic Beanstalk Class

15-min lecture | 15-min demo | 15-min Q&A

You can get a free class live and online (maybe even right now).

I need to practice giving this presentation. You can benefit from my need.

Offer Expires on Tuesday

I need to give this presentation on 13-November. So, I need to practice.

This means - FREE class FOR YOU.

This offer is only good if taken before 11-November.


15 minute: Introduction to Amazon Web Services and Elastic Beanstalk

15 minute: Live Demo of Elastic Beanstalk

15 minute: Questions & Answers


  • Good internet connection
  • Interest in giving feedback
  • Install Amazon Chime so we can meet online (you can delete after)

Limited spots available

No more classes will be given after the calendar slots fill-up.


  1. Schedule a time in the calendar
  2. Download Amazon Chime or suggest and host another venue
  3. Profit!