Our Values

We are a small company with the mission to Learn, Teach and Grow. These are our values:

To Learn

We teach people and help them grow. We can only continue teaching if we continue learning.

To Teach

The world wants to learn. We need to provide materials to help them do so. This means by passing barriers like language and culture wherever possible so that we can teach globally.

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To Grow

We wish to constantly improve; to-keep balance between our work and private lives; and to feel challenged and encourage growth in our lives.

To do the Right Thing

We always seek to do the right thing even if unpopular or difficult. This means following conscience, honesty, integrity and humility above values imposed by others.

To be Financially Responsible

The purpose of company is to give enough financial freedom to our members so they have the capacity to enjoy their life and intellectual pursuits. This means we take responsibility for the financial situations that affect our business and personal lives. It also means that we use money as a tool for happiness and not allow the pursuit of money to make us unhappy.

To be Transparent

To the extent possible, we wish to be transparent. This means posting our financial statements online, communicating our mission and goals, and being as public as possible while still being responsible for our client's privacy and intellectual property.